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Top 5 Burgers in Ottawa

Top 5 Burgers in Ottawa


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By Brian Clarke

While I don’t think there is any burger better than a homemade BBQ burger, it’s always a nice treat grabbing a juicy burger grilled at a restaurant.  The following list are my go-to burger joints in Ottawa.  While each offers a different take on this classic  favourite, they all have the following common traits: great, fresh ingredients and a good, high quality beef patty.

5. Le Twist

Full disclaimer: I’m not sure if this restaurant is still open, or if it is just undergoing renovations.  But if Le Twist is still in business, it is totally worth the trip to Gatineau for lunch or dinner.  They introduced me to the simple and odd but wonderfully delicious combination of cream cheese and bacon on a burger.

4. The Works

The Works gets on this list by default.  Just the sheer volume of burger and topping combinations makes sure that you can get a different delicious burger every time.  Be sure to check out our interview with a Works’ server for his best burger picks.

3. The Hintonburger

This small burger joint in Wellington West was recently voted the best burger in Ottawa by Ottawa Citizen readers, and it is fully deserving of this title.  While I have it listed at number #3, the difference between the top three is miniscule.  It’s like trying to pick between chocolate or strawberry ice cream – you can’t go wrong either way.

The foie burger, topped with foie torchon, tomato bacon jam and caramelized onions.  Unbelievably tasty!

The foie burger, topped with foie torchon, tomato bacon jam and caramelized onions. Unbelievably tasty!

2. Two six [ate]

Right now, this is my favourite burger and my favourite restaurant in Ottawa.  I wrote about my first experience with Two six [ate]’s foie burger (pictured above), topped with a tasty tomato bacon jam a few weeks ago.  I’ve since been back a few times and the burger only gets better.

1. Chez Lucien

The only reason I don’t have Two six [ate] listed number one is because it could just be my ‘flavour of the week’ and hasn’t been around for long enough to truly earn that honour.  The same cannot be said about Chez Lucien.  This small restaurant on the outskirts of the Byward Market has been around as long as I can remember, and hasn’t changed despite the Market being invaded by Irish pubs and chain restaurants.  It is simply the ol’ reliable of Ottawa burgers.

Honourable mention: Quinn’s

I’ve never tried Quinn’s burgers, however, my business partner Adam swears by this place.  His words: “I had one with lots of dill on it and it blew my mind.”

What do you think of my list? Am I missing any good burgers? What’s your favourite burger in Ottawa? Share in comments below.