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These Old Newspaper Clippings From the Ottawa Journal are Fascinating and Racist

These Old Newspaper Clippings From the Ottawa Journal are Fascinating and Racist


By Adam Slight

One of my best friends is renovating a home that he and his girlfriend purchased, just west of Ottawa. Having completely gutted the main floor he discovered that insides of the walls hadn’t seen the light of day since 1919.

How could he tell? They were lined with newspaper pages from the period.

Taking a closer look he discovered an incredible window to Canada’s past, when Germany was accepting defeat in Europe, Russia was adopting Communism as an ideology, and Canada was experiencing prohibition and victory at war.

Take a look at the fascinating clippings below. (Click on a image to view in full)

The Ottawa Evening Journal, in 1919. This is when a newspaper was still printing two issues per day.

A private from Arnprior writes a letter to his sister accounting his experience taking back the town of Mons in Belgium.

He says, “I had a girl on one arm and the parish priest on the other.” Sounds like a good time.

imagejpeg_2_5A weird ad for some sort of laxative drug comparing Bolshevism to diarrhea.

imagejpeg_2_19People start to realize that culture can be used as a means of propaganda…”we are not aware if these concerts were of a Bolshevistic character…

imagejpeg_2_21Canada apparently experienced a year of prohibition after the end of WWI

imagejpeg_2_6And here the news breaks that Poland would gain a tract that would land-lock Germany, which would become a major point of contention in World War II.

imagejpeg_2_16Apparently in 1919 it is newsworthy that firemen are to be paid for working.

imagejpeg_2_4The punch line of this cartoon is that a Russian guy just shot your dog.

imagejpeg_2_13Here the US negotiates with “the huns” over compensation for each American killed during the conflict.

imagejpeg_2_18Jamie also found this old-timey match book.

There was also a cartoon that was way too offensive to be published here…that’s all I’m going to say.

If you’ve got some interesting historical news-clippings from Ottawa to share, send them to with some background information and where you found them.