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The Carleton Tavern: Local Dive With Only Some First Date Potential

The Carleton Tavern: Local Dive With Only Some First Date Potential


By Amy Volume

Photo Credit: The Writers’ Room Ottawa blog

Why you want to experience this place: Two words: Great locale. The Carleton Tavern is right beside the Parkdale Market, so it has good access to all methods of transportation and it’s a nice alternative to the Byward Market (and by that, I mean less drunk twenty-somethings acting like idiots). The atmosphere is laid back, the setting is dingy, the price is right, and the service is fast and friendly.


There’s a lot of space, a few TVs, and what appeared to be a pretty alright patio (which I didn’t hit up as it was cold). You could definitely kill some time at the Carleton Tavern by yourself (and not feel awkward) or with a large group of friends, and not be bothered.

First date potential: Not good. It’s a Tavern. Some people are into that sort of thing (a younger, edgier version of myself would be all over this)… IF you want to shoot pool and get to know someone better, this is the place for you… but it’s NOT visually impressive, nor does it “set the mood’ like an up-scale Elgin Street joint would.

For singles: The situation is similar to the Dominion Tavern. I get the feeling that this place is a good spot to go to when you want to be left alone. I didn’t experience any vultures, eavesdroppers, or any other various social faux-pas. By definition, this place is NOT a meat market.

I’ll definitely be back for more, and I hear great things about live music nights. Further investigation is needed!

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The Carleton Tavern: 223 Armstrong St, Ottawa, ON – Westboro
Open 7 days: 8AM to 2AM // Sunday close @ 11PM // Monday close @ 1AM