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The Best Hangover Cures in Ottawa

The Best Hangover Cures in Ottawa

By Adam Slight
You had the time of your life last night but knew that no matter how many glasses of water you had before laying your head down on your pillow, the next time you were fully cognizant you’d be waking to your own pounding headache and woozy stomach.
Sometimes there’s no way around the epic hangover– So what do you do? In Ottawa, here are some of hangover cures:


While a greasy breakfast is supposed to be the ultimate hangover cure, fatty food is actually better at preventing a hangover than curing it. That said, eggs are known to boost liver function and breakdown chemicals that cause nasty hangover headaches. For your egg-fix in Ottawa, we recommend Ada’s DinerEggspectationZak’s Diner, and the eggs benedict at Stone Face Dolly’s.

Fruit Juice

After a particularly eventful night out, your primary concern should be to hydrate your body. Fruit juice can help! Fructose in fruit juice can rejuvenate your energy

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supply, help heighten your metabolism, and break down toxins. Juices and shakes with cranberry or apple ingredients from Liquid NutritionJuice Monkey on Slater, or SimplyRaw Express on Wellington will speed up your recovery process (just avoid sour citrus like orange and grapefruit!)


Hearty soup is your secret weapon against a dreaded hangover. Mom’s chicken noodle soup will balance your sodium levels, rehydrate your body, and boost liver function. If you’d prefer, miso soup will do the same as well as settle your upset stomach. Try some hearty soups
at AromeRichard’s Hintonburg KitchenPhnom Penh, or Bread and Sons Bakery.

Herbal Tea

A strong herbal tea, like ginger or peppermint, can do wonders to settle an upset stomach after a crazy night. Drinking tea will also rehydrate and tame dizzying headaches. For tea in Ottawa, try the Tea StoreDavid’s TeaThe Tea Party, or your favourite local cafe.