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Take a Load off At Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery

Take a Load off At Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery


By Amy Volume

This week I hit up one of my favourite new watering holes in Ottawa, the Big Rig Brewery! Whether you’re out with some friends, on a date, or taking the edge off alone, Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery hits the spot!

Why You Want to Experience Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery

The beer!


Photo by @ksinc88

While, yes, I could rant and rave about the service, environment and food, let’s be honest, we’re here for the beer. A fairly new edition to the Ottawa scene, Big Rig’s fully entrenched itself in our community by embracing local events (Winterbrewed, Ottawa Beer Fest, Oktoberfest, etc.) and associating their brand with great charity events (Ride for Dad,

Ottawa Beer Run, Wine for Wishes, etc.)

The restaurant gets hoppin’ (no pun intended – but now that it’s there, let’s enjoy it a bit. Beer? Hops? Get it? Hilarious.) on game nights, and, well, most times I’ve been in during dinner service! I highly recommend a reservation if you’re planning to go with a group or maybe a date. There are tonnes of TVs and a great bar/lounge-to-restaurant ratio for dinner with friends and family versus drinks with a rowdy gaggle of pals.

Ooh! I know we’re getting cold here in the capital, but the patio is AWESOME when the weather allows.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

“Good ingredients are the start of a great brew.

We love our ingredients so much we are planting our very own Hop yard at the Phillips Farm in Manotick, there we will grow specialty hops exclusively for our local brews.”

-Lon Ladell, Brewmaster


First Date Potential

Really good; especially if your date’s a Sens fan (as it’s backed by its namesake & Ottawa Senators defence player Chris “Big Rig” Phillips)! The environment is fun, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the potential to meet someone up your alley is pretty good here too (not that I would know…).

For Singles

Photo by @bertoblufyre

Photo by @bertoblufyre

Go for it! If you have a good attitude, you’re bound to meet someone here!

This is quickly becoming a fave haunt of mine. I’ve met some interesting characters at Big Rig and aside from the beer, the friendly and inviting staff make it a great place to go if you’re on your own and looking for a great place to watch the game or kill some time.

A great place for West-Enders/Barrhaven/Kanata types of all ages! Leafs jerseys not recommended.

MUST TRY: Big Rig’s Stud Stout & (if you still can) grab some Double Chocolate Milk Stout while you’re at it!

Connect with Big Rig online at:

Big Rig Brewery: 2750 Iris St. Unit A, Ottawa, ON. K2C 1E6
Open 7 days: 11AM – 12AM Weekdays // 8AM – 12AM Weekends