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Soup Ottawa Brings Together Local Creative Minds

Soup Ottawa Brings Together Local Creative Minds


By Brian Clarke

I’m sure we all aware of the impression of Ottawa that we are all boring, uncreative bureaucrats and we take forever to make any cool, modern or exciting changes to the city.  Granted, this image of Ottawa is partly deserved.

However, if you look beneath the surface, there are ample creative minds working to improve Ottawa as a place to live, work, and visit.  And then there are some creative minds that help encourage others to be creative, active and engaged in their community, such as Soup Ottawa.

According to their website, “Soup Ottawa is a recurring micro-grant participatory dinner event.”  They are hosting their second ever event tonight.  Essentially the way it works is that you pay $10 for a nice bowl of soup and some bread and for the ability to vote on one of several small to medium-sized creative community projects.  The winner receives a grant to put their project in action.

936948_278122882332626_1375861263_nTonight’s event is themed “The Art of…” and will feature several projects aimed at improving our local arts and culture scene.  In the spring, they hosted a similar event themed “Utopia” with the winner proposing a project to help improve the aesthetics of community housing in the city’s west end.

So, if you don’t have plans tonight, I highly recommend visiting the event at the Art is In Bakery.  At the very least, you’ll get to hear about some great community projects.  You will get to participate in a creative dialogue with local minds and participating in a discussion about improving Ottawa that is not centered on City Hall politics, OC Transpo or light rail transit. And you’ll get dinner.

But most of all, you can be part of a movement resisting the uncreative bureaucrat image of Ottawa.

You can see more information about tonight’s event at