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ReviewRaja Brings Love of Tamil Cinema To Ottawa

ReviewRaja Brings Love of Tamil Cinema To Ottawa


By ReviewRaja

My name is ReviewRaja. I recently won Ottawa Rickshaws’ contest to feature an advertisement on their rickshaws, and I thought I would just take a moment to explain what kind of message I plan to bring to Ottawa with my prize.

I have always been a small town boy. I grew up in rural Ontario in a town of 1000 people and then moved to a small city of just 45000 people.  Needless to say, I was not exposed to other cultures at a young age.  Throughout high school my father started traveling to India 2 times a year to establish an importing business. This really intrigued me as I always wanted to go with him and he always came back with amazing stories.

When it came time to head to University I decided to go to a school in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. Throughout my studies I made many Tamil friends. About a year ago when I was hanging out with them they showed me a Tamil film called Billa. It was at that moment that I realized Tamil Cinema was amazing! My friends told me that Bollywood (the most recognized film industry in India) gets the most international attention in that part of the world and people in Canada probably don’t even know about Kollywood at all (that is, the Tamil film industry). I started to think that if I was only now learning how awesome Tamil movies were in my early 20s, then there are probably thousands of others across the globe that are missing out too.

I want the world to see and feel what I experienced the first time I watched a Tamil movie and I am now on a mission to spread Tamil Cinema across the world with Review Raja.  After each Tamil film I see in the theatre I release a movie review and try to project the humour, excitement, and culture expressed in the movie. To help spread the word I decided to enter the Ottawa Rickshaws competition. But really, my advertising campaign in Ottawa is just a small part of my mission.  It is my hope that when people in Ottawa see my ad or watch my videos that they will be inspired to check out a Tamil film, and maybe their experience will be as eye-opening as it was for me just under a year ago.

If you are interested in taking one step closer to Kollywood you can visit my YouTube channel: or check out my website: You won’t be disappointed!