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Please, Please, Please Don’t Drive Your Car at The Great Glebe Garage Sale!

Please, Please, Please Don’t Drive Your Car at The Great Glebe Garage Sale!



By Adam Slight

The Great Glebe Garage Sale is an awesome example of what Ottawa is capable of doing for itself without the assistance of top-down municipal committees, official initiatives, and (*shudder*) a casino. A community event that invites thousands to visit The Glebe and purchase previously enjoyed goods from residents (basically a giant yard sale for those who are unfamiliar), the Great Glebe Garage Sale is something that Ottawa should be proud of!

While I love the Great Glebe Garage Sale (and you can expect to find many rickshaws present this weekend, in case you need help hauling a large collection of prizes), there is one aspect of the community event that I find ridiculous, appauling, stupid, and lazy: the fact that so many people come to the GGGS in their cars, and then drive up and down the The Glebe's beautiful residential streets shopping from within their idling, air-conditioned vehicles.

“Honey, keep your eyes open for green lampshades” I can hear in my head–spoken by one who will inevitably park their car in the middle of a narrow one-way or busy intersection, congesting all the ridiculous traffic, so that they can run out and buy something kitschy for their Barrhaven TV room.


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I don't know how these people can even stand it themselves. Streets get so blocked up with idiots pulling three-point-turns on First Ave. that its a wonder any car can move at all.

I understand that some people need vehicles as they're coming in from out of town and may want to pick up a big item. But what do I say when they think this is an excuse to drive around and ruin everyone's day? Tough! Park you car somewhere and enlist some friends to help carry.

The Great Glebe Garage Sale is all about being outside, enjoying the summer, interacting with the community, and enjoying your day. Driving around like a vulture completely kills that vibe and only reveals that you've come in from outside the community to grab a good deal and fly off!


Not to mention that this is a safety hazard! With thousands of bargain hunters, kids, and animals out enjoying the day, having cars driving around the busy streets with their drivers gawking out their side windows for hidden gems to show off to their neighbours later (that they probably missed because they were too lazy to show up at 8am), disaster is just waiting to happen.

The point is, just get out of your stupid Escalade and enjoy what The Glebe has to offer!