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Ottawa’s War of the Skies: Geese vs. Drones

Ottawa’s War of the Skies: Geese vs. Drones

Photo credit: Chris Mikula, Ottawa Citizen

Photo credit: Chris Mikula, Ottawa Citizen

By Brian Clarke

This is probably the funniest story to crack the headlines of Ottawa newspapers in recent memory:

[message_box title=”Drone attacks frighten geese away from Petrie Island” color=”blue”]Fed up with geese fouling the grass and water at its Petrie Island beaches, the city government is calling in drone strikes. — David Reevley, Ottawa Citizen[/message_box]

In other words, we had a war of the skies between technology and our ever-present summer pest – the goose.

As the above story lead suggests, city councilors in Orleans were frustrated with all the goose poop and decided to scare away the birds with creepy UFO-like technology.

I was dreading the day that I first heard of drones being used in Ottawa.  I find them creepy.  For me, they conjure up images of futuristic dystopias portrayed in science fiction movies.  In fact the recent sci-fi movie Oblivion was all about drones; I highly recommend it, despite Tom Cruise.

But alas, maybe I'm just being too paranoid and critical.  Of all the ways that I could hear about drones being used in my hometown, this one did not elicit fear or anger, but instead made me laugh.

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And after all, something needs to be done about all the goose crap.