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Ottawa Volley Sixes Serves Up Top-Notch City Volleyball

Ottawa Volley Sixes Serves Up Top-Notch City Volleyball


By Adam Slight

Anyone who has played recreational sports can tell you, it’s not always the fun, relaxing, week night outlet that is promised upon registration. Driving all over the city to get to venues, never having a referee or league coordinator on-site, and showing up to a games to find missing pieces vital equipment are all road-blocks preventing you from just having fun.


Ottawa Volley Sixes 2012

These road-blocks are what inspired the Ottawa Volley Sixes to initiate their rec volleyball  league back in Fall 2011. Ottawa Volley Sixes make top-notch facilities, knowledgeable referees, centralized playing locations, and convenient scheduling a part of their mandate. More than anything though, they strive for good volleyball.

As league coordinator Andrew Park puts it, “We want our players to experience a fun and relaxing night out with friends. We focus on providing top-quality leagues, so that players can focus on what they came to do – play volleyball!”

If you share this hunger for organized, quality recreational volleyball games, leagues run on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, between 6pm and 10pm at various facilities across Ottawa. Players of all skill levels are welcome to play.

To register, visit the Ottawa Volley Sixes website.