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Ottawa Sports Fans: How Are You Surviving?

Ottawa Sports Fans: How Are You Surviving?


By Brian Clarke

Ottawa, unfortunately, has only one professional sports team.  So when the NHL does their regular once-a-decade lockout, Ottawa sports fans are left scratching their heads.

We’ve written before on why Ottawa needs and can support more sports teams (check out why Ottawa needs a CFL team, 15 things to improve in Ottawa and a post about a new Ottawa sports bar), and this is just another reason we desperately need some.  But, in the meantime, we have to deal with life without the Sens for what seems like a whole year.

So, what have Ottawa sports fans done to fill the void?

I know personally, as a big NFL fan, I’ve become even more obsessed with American football to replace the spot hockey filled in my daily life.  But I am very concerned for when February comes around and the NFL is gone.  What am I to do!?

If you’re a sports fan in Ottawa – and I know there are lots of you out there, despite the popular perception of Ottawa – what have you done to survive during this NHL lockout? Have other sports replaced hockey? Have you picked up another hobby? Have you just completely dropped the idea of being a sports fan?

Share you’re survival stories in the comments below. I’d really like to hear them as I am truly worried for my sanity come February…