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Ottawa Rickshaws’ Valentine’s Dating Guide

Ottawa Rickshaws’ Valentine’s Dating Guide


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It is getting uncouthly close to last minute for planning your Valentine’s Day date—But you’re not to blame. Valentine’s Day unfairly imposes high date expectations that few can escape. Even if you and your lover denounce Valentine’s Day as nothing more than a corporate money-making ploy, there is still an itching pressure to have an especially “special” day planned. For this reason, we here at Ottawa Rickshaws have done our best to ensure you have a steamy Valentine’s Day, minus the sweat.

Yesterday the Mayfair Theatre offered up a huge list of romantic Valentine’s Day movies. If you’re more attracted to going out for this holiday, here is our list of fun Valentine’s Day date ideas in Ottawa:

Go out for Japanese cuisine:

Even if you’ve decided you’d like to take your lover out to dinner, your planning process is far from over. There are so many restaurants to choose from, and a venue can often set the tone for the rest of the date. This Valentine’s Day we recommend going out for some Japanese cuisine  for a few reasons:

A)    It is delicious

B)     Japanese cuisine is often very interactive and social

Sushi, for example, is great for sharing a plate for two. We recommend Kinki in the Byward Market, or Garden Suisha off of Bank St. (it has a great indoor garden, with stepping stones and trickling streams). Likewise, teppanyaki is an awesome Japanese cuisine that requires you to choose ingredients for your meal while the chef cooks it at your table (very entertaining!) We recommend Japanese Village downtown. I treated my lover to a teppanyaki dinner with my Canada Day rickshaw earnings last summer. We shared a bottle of wine, and told the chef to turn up the heat!!!

Remember to be nice and ask your lover if they like Japanese food first, and don’t forget to make reservations!

Dress up and Go to a Casino:

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend Valentine’s Day, why not a casino? You don’t have to drop a thousand dollars to enjoy yourself, however, the rush involved with gambling can translate into an exciting time for you and your lover. Don’t forget to take advantage of free food, drinks, and entertainment, and budget what you’d be willing to spend on games here and there. When the budget busts, this can serve as a natural end to your evening….or just the beginning???

Casino Lac-Leamy is open all hours of the day, and there is always the Rideau Carleton Raceway as well. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free drinks. (Did we mention there are drinks?)

Rent some Video Games for a night in:

Hey, its 2012! Chirping 13-year-olds over Xbox Live doesn’t sound like an enticing date night for you and your lover, and grinding your level 75 paladin doesn’t either, however, there are many great games that can serve as intimate ice-breakers for you and your lover. I know I’ve enjoyed hours of romantic strolling along the brisk mountain paths of Skyrim with my lover. While we may have found common ground in intensive open-world role-playing, there are much more immediately satisfying game options as well. Cooperative sidescroller games like New Super Mario Bros Wii, and Little Big Planet force you and your lover to work together towards common goals—this is great for building chemistry. Meanwhile competitive games like racing or sports games will set the stage for some flirty competitive exchanges. has recently reviewed this iPad game as the perfect game for a first date. Think of a game of Twister for your fingers.

We guarantee, the sparks will be flying faster than your joysticks.

Get a Rickshaw Ride:

Of course we decided to put this on our list, but think about it: How much more romantic can a date get? Spend your evening on an intimate ride through downtown Ottawa’s scenic parks and lookouts, bundled up with your lover in a rickshaw. We will even include champagne upon request. This is a perfect way to follow a dinner date, and you’ll make all the other couples jealous as you drive by them on the street!

We charge $25 for a half hour tour, and $50 for an hour. Our Romantic Tour is $30 and includes champagne—

But the young love that will blossom as a result will be priceless.