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What Do You Think of the Ottawa Opening of Real Sports Bar?

What Do You Think of the Ottawa Opening of Real Sports Bar?


by: Brian Clarke

I’m not sure what to think about this.

In November, a new sports bar will open up in the Byward Market.  Real Sports Bar & Grill will be something that we’ve never seen before in Ottawa.  If you’ve ever visited the Toronto location, you’ll know how breath-taking this restaurant is, and how far it takes the sports bar experience.

Real Sports Bar & Grill has been voted the best sports bar in North America by ESPN.  It is described as half theater and half nightclub, with hundreds of TVs, music and a hip atmosphere.

However, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

As a sports fan, I am obviously licking my chops.  I cannot wait try out Real Sports Bar to watch a Senators’ game (I’ll be waiting a long time, it seems).

It also makes me a bit proud that this large entertainment company sees the Ottawa sports fan population as profitable, which in my mind, gives more proof to shut down the naysayers that claim we are not a sport city (more argument to get a CFL team!).

On the other hand, however, I’m not sure how to feel about a large Toronto company coming into the Byward Market and possibly muscling out some local pubs.

So, I’m stumped.

Is this development good for Ottawa or bad? Can it be both? Post your opinions in the comments below.



Karim Sultan on May 9, 2013 AT 09 am

The place is nothing short of amazing – and a sporting event heaven. Ottawa is big enough to have multiple choices – it won’t hurt the other venues so much as complement them by building up Ottawa’s position for sporting towards world class.

Brian Clarke on May 9, 2013 AT 09 am

Karim, I totally agree. When I first wrote this, I was slightly worried, although excited, but now that I’ve seen Real Sports and the great job they’ve done, I have nothing but praise for the establishment.

They will certainly be a contributing player in growing Ottawa’s sport fan community over the coming years.