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Ottawa Too Immature for Sex Ed; Giggles at Naked Pictures

Ottawa Too Immature for Sex Ed; Giggles at Naked Pictures


By Adam Slight

Last Wednesday I read a newspaper article in the Ottawa Citizen entitled “No Sex, Please – Its Ottawa.” I felt the jab in the headline, but also expected to read about another “stick-up-the-ass” Ottawa moment that makes national news every so often. As it turns out, my expectations were correct.

This time the victim is an adolescent sexuality exhibit called “Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition,” geared towards teens in an effort to educate them about the zany and confusing world of sexuality that they are about to face as they go through puberty. Yes, the exhibit contains real life nudity, and yes, maybe even condoms, but that is sexuality. The intention is to make sure teens are better armed with information when they inevitably face their own sexuality.

The exhibit has been on tour throughout Canada, and has been met with general praise in Canada’s major cities, especially from parents. It opened yesterday in Ottawa at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, and Ottawans have already raised a stink about it. Many Ottawans seem to think that an exhibit about sexuality geared towards teens holds too mature a subject matter for most teens to actually witness. The museum received over 50 complaint letters before opening the exhibit, and they were forced to raise the minimum age for attendees from 12 to 16.

That’s stupid.

I grew up in the Catholic School system, and even they started teaching us about sex and reproduction by grade 3 (that’s about age 8). Sure, it didn’t involve condoms,

St. Gaviel, my sex-ed teacher in Catholic school

and was restricted to husbands and wives, but that’s a start. It still included pictures of naked people, which at the time we thought were hilarious. Nobody was petitioning the school board arguing that it was too young for us to learn about it.

I also recall in the same school system that some of my peers were having sex by grade 7 (that’s about age 12). I’m sure those who were petitioning this exhibit would argue that they were having sex at this age because they had been exposed to sexuality through the media, were hyper-sexualized youngsters and just wanted to imitate the media they saw.

I call it biology. Humans have been having sex at age 12 since they’ve been having sex

So what’s the point of barring this exhibit from young teens when it is designed for them, to help them make more informed decisions about their sexuality? Raising the age to 16 seems counterintuitive, insulting to the exhibit organizers, and frankly aims to teach young people about sex far too late in their teen years.

And what’s all the fuss about? The presence of “very simple and very honest,” non-pornographic images of naked people in the exhibit? That’s just life! I see a naked person every day when I get out of the shower (me).

What is really ridiculous, is that Ottawa had a small chlamydia and gonorrhea pandemic last year. Didn’t know that? Probably because this is a topic that people in Ottawa evidently don’t like to talk about.  Remember those ads on the OC Transpo buses that said “Go get tested.” Yeah, they weren’t kidding. Do you know what helps prevent the spread of such diseases? If you don’t, maybe you should be attending this exhibit yourself.

And despite sex ed being evidently of public importance in Ottawa, Heritage Minister James Moore still calls the exhibit an “insult to tax-payers.”

Nobody quite knows who it was who organized the onslaught of angry letters sent to the museum, but I can bet they aren’t concerned parents of teenagers. If they are concerned parents, then I recommend they redirect their concerns to the fact that their kids will be entering their sexual lives with little-to-no honest education in the matter. These parents should also expect to answer some big questions themselves if their kids come to suffer for their lack of readiness.

Ottawa should just brace itself for a wave of inbred, STD-ridden, crack babies in the near future.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Some questions for the comments section:

  • Is 12 too young for kids to gain an education in sexuality?
  • What makes Ottawans so sensitive about sex education for kids?
  • Do you think some Ottawans shower with their clothes on?

daveydave on May 18, 2012 AT 11 pm

Hey man, some of my best friends are inbred, STD ridden crack babies.

billy on May 19, 2012 AT 11 am

excellent article, adam.
i believe the answer to your question was “education”.
educate the public, reduce the spread of disease.
too f’n easy. [TFE]
IMHO the folks that want to keep the younger kids out
are going about it all backwards.
just as you say these are the kids that are the target audience, eh?
the ones who actually need the info now.
i don’t know if they are parents or not,
but i know that when i was a young parent
the thought of talking about sex to my kids
made me feel about the same as it would
talking to my parents about sex, eh?
not the most comfortable feeling ever.
but there you are, parenting isn’t for the faint of heart.
if you haven’t got the guts to stand up to your
scary little pre-adolescents and start talking about biology,
well then, maybe you should think twice about having kids.
no, really, think about it.
if you think that is the hardest issue you will face as a parent,
you will have to excuse me for a moment while i LMFAO.
having kids means that you are required to be involved.
period. full stop.
you are fully involved, with all the vested interest, OK?
there is no topic off limits, if your kid asks you a question,
and you blow the kid off
say i’ll tell you when you’re older,
you have just taught the kid,
that you are not reliable.
the kid will just look for information somewhere else.
and you the parent just failed that performance objective!
failed utterly. no half points for showing up, you didn’t.
you have to be ready to talk about the stuff that embarasses you.
and now here is the hard part.
don’t show the kid that you are embarassed.
because it is STUPID that you feel embarassed to talk to your kid.
love your kid. do not pass on your superstitions.
there is no reason to feel embarassed
should you have to talk about sex to your kids
naked in a sweat lodge!
no reason at all.
complete and utter stupidity.
it only gets passed along because we pass it along.
my mother told me when my own kids were young
never to show them any fear.
i laughed because i was complaining at the time that they out-numbered me.
she surprised me when she told me she was terrified by thunder.
i had no idea at all. i had known this woman for thirty years.
all my life. and i never had the first clue that she was even
a little scared by thunder. was i f’n blind?
she had, rather stoically, hidden that fear from the kids,
so that the kids would not learn to fear thunder.
in the same way, wouldn’t we pass along a better understanding to our kids, rather than fear and confusion.
there is one thing all parent ought to know.
no matter what they say or do, their kids are going to have sex.
be it sooner or later,
be it informed or uninformed,
whether they are scared or relaxed.
you the parent can make a differencew just by talking to your kid about some topics that make you wanna blush.
if you can’t stomach that much hard work?
don’t have kids.
you ain’t got what it takes to pull it off.

billy on May 19, 2012 AT 11 am

looking back on my comment,
i think i ought to say
thank you for the soapbox, sir.
;) lol

Adam Slight on May 23, 2012 AT 09 am

I’m glad you agree Billy! It seems like this issue is becoming an even bigger deal in the media. I wouldn’t recommend reading some of the editorials in The Citizen…