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Ottawa Food Blogs to Make Your Mouth Water

Ottawa Food Blogs to Make Your Mouth Water


By Adam Slight

Ottawa is enjoying a food explosion, with awesome restaurants opening up all over the city, and gourmet food trucks wrapping up their first summer season on Ottawa streets. There on the ground to document Ottawa’s diverse food offerings are a number of excellent food bloggers, diligently savouring the city’s finest food, and not skimping on seconds, so that we can all share their food wisdom.

Here are a number of great Ottawa food blogs, however, we’d like to keep this list up-to-date, so please share any Ottawa food blogs that we can add to the list!

Photo from FoodiePrints

Photo from FoodiePrints


Whenever we decide to highlight a certain genre of restaurant in Ottawa, FoodiePrints is always there to suggest three more excellent Ottawa restaurants that we managed to miss. Their passion for food is apparent. The team of three pursues all things food purely as a hobby, and  their deep findings can be discovered by extensively perusing their blog’s archives.

Where the Locals Eat

Not eager to label herself as a food blogger specifically, Where the Locals Eat explores Ottawa’s culinary side by neighbourhood, using the adventure as a means of self-growth.  Her posts are often first-hand accounts of local restaurants, allowing readers to experience the food alongside the writer.

Sheltered Girl Meets World

The premise set out by Sheltered Girl Meets World is that the writer led a sheltered upbringing, never travelling far from Ottawa and never diverging from the same reliable food. In adulthood, however, she has learned to explore her boundaries through adventurous food, drink, and travel. She loves craft beer, and has had her writing featured in several local publications.

Turnip and Bean

turnip and bean

Photo from Turnip and Bean

Relative new-comers to the Ottawa food blogging scene, Turnip and Bean ensure that there is a continuous stream of drool dripping from my mouth when I refresh my Facebook feed. Their home-made creations are imaginative and delightful, and they make sure they’re always pursuing different foodie adventures

throughout the year (and document them in their blog). Be sure to check back on Turnip and Bean regularly!

The Waffle

If you find foodie culture to be a bit pretentious for your tastes, The Waffle’s “pragmatic, politically incorrect view from the left” might be the Ottawa food perspective for you. The Waffle investigates Ottawa’s food for the people, including local poutine, cheese dogs, different flavours of Lays, and even the famed McLobster.

Kate’s Plate

Local traveller Katie Shapiro brings a bit of international flavor to Ottawa food blogging with a series of recipes inspired by her world travels, particularly in Spain. Drop by Kate’s Plate if you appreciate a personal take on international food, and generally enjoy the frustration of wanting to reach into your computer screen and eat Instagram photos.

Byward Eats

From The Gouda Life

From The Gouda Life

Brought to you by OAK Computing, Byward Eats had a limited run that began and ended in 2011. That said, while they were pursuing this project they were able to document some of the Byward Market’s signature flavours, in a nice concise format.

The Gouda Life

The Gouda Life is a beautifully presented Ottawa food blog, with gorgeously photographed whole-foods dishes put together by the passionate blogger/cook. Dishes originate from the writer’s imagination as well as from magazines and other blogs across the web. Looking at some of this food will bring a tear to your eye and a rumble to your tummy!

Nineteen Twenty Four London

While the couple behind Nineteen Twenty Four London have just announced that they will be moving from Ottawa to Vancouver, check out their food blog for an extensive list of recipes for desserts, drinks, lunches, and more, as well as reviews for various down town locations.


Kirsten on September 6, 2013 AT 02 pm

Don’t forget about Nineteen Twenty Four London!

Kirsten on September 6, 2013 AT 02 pm

Thanks Adam! That’s awesome!

Katie on September 9, 2013 AT 02 pm

Thanks so much for the mention and kind words! I’m a fan of most of this list already, but was happy to discover even more local food enthusiasts. Happy to be included :)