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Ottawa Cookie Jam 2013: A Gooey, Chunky Fundraiser

Ottawa Cookie Jam 2013: A Gooey, Chunky Fundraiser


By Adam Slight

Unless you have no soul, you can’t deny the sweet satisfaction of eating a gooey home-baked cookie (perhaps with milk?). With this fact now firmly established, pay attention!

On the afternoon of October 5, the Memorial Hall at Parkdale United Church will be the site of an epic cookie bake sale and cookie competition, with many an Ottawan gathered to share their love of cookies and to raise money for In From the Cold.

Ottawa Cookie Jam 2013 is part cookie sale, part cookie competition. Bakers bake 26 cookies and bring them to Cookie Jam, ready to give away. In return, they get to browse the offerings of other bakers and fill a container with 8 cookies of their choice. For $6, tasters get to help themselves to 8cookie-jam-white-logo delicious cookies also of their choice and to watch the drama of the competition unfold.

Bakers can choose to participate in the cookie competition by sending 2 of their cookies to the judges’ table. They can enter their tasty treats in one of six categories:

1. Best Twist on a Tradition
2. Best Gluten Free
3. Best Sandwich
4. Best Unexpected Ingredient
5. Best Family Recipe
6. Best Chocolate Lover’s

Judges include local bakers, food writers and bloggers, and prominent community members, including Anne DesBrisay of Capital Dining, Heather Holbrook of Isobel’s Cupcakes, and Vicky Smallman of Miss Vicky’s Offhand Remarks.

Winners and runners-up in each category will receive a prize donated by local businesses.

Both bakers and tasters must register in advance. You can register at the Ottawa Cookie Jam 2013 website.

Any questions can be directed to the Cookie Jam Coordinator, Jess Dunkin (613.656.5504 or