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Ottawa Advertising: Promoting Events in the Byward Market

Ottawa Advertising: Promoting Events in the Byward Market


By Adam Slight

This past Spring we were asked by the National Capital Commission what we could do to help attract people in the Byward Market to the Mosaika Sound and Light Show that takes place on Parliament Hill every night. Since our Ottawa advertising media is the most prominent media in the Byward Market (only 10 minutes away from the Parliament Buildings), it was a perfect fit for us to work together.

For the month of July we employed two OttBikes to circulate the Byward Market with billboards showcasing the Mosaika show mere hours before the show began every night. The OttBike operators verbally interacted with pedestrians on the street, encouraging them to attend the free show on Parliament Hill that evening.

scavenger7In August, we placed billboards for the Sound and Light Show on all 12 of our rickshaws. Our rickshaws work in the Byward Market on a daily basis, frequently during dinner time. The ads on the rickshaws conveniently suggested the Mosaika Sound and Light Show to be an ideal activity for evening diners to partake in after a particularly filling dinner.

We supplemented the campaign with further advertising on the Ottawa Rickshaws blog.

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