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More Reason to be Optimistic about Ottawa’s CFL Team

More Reason to be Optimistic about Ottawa’s CFL Team

Photo credit: Canadian Football League |

Photo credit: Canadian Football League |

By Brian Clarke

As I fan of the CFL and an avid supporter of its return to Ottawa, the following quote hits home:

“This isn’t about why football doesn’t work in Ottawa. It’s more, on a larger scale, why poorly run businesses don’t work anywhere.” – Jeff Hunt, president of the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group in Mark Brownlee’s article Selling the CFL to Ottawa in the Ottawa Business Journal.

I’ve written before on why I think Ottawa can support a CFL franchise and am firmly against the idea that an Ottawa football team is doomed because we are not ‘a football city’.  We weren’t ‘a hockey city’ at one point either.

All this proves is that Ottawa will accept a CFL team if it is run properly. If the organization gives us a good experience and a reason to fall in love with them, we will support them.

It’s just like any business, as Jeff Hunt eloquently mentioned above.

I know there a lot of people out there that still disagree with that statement.  There are many Ottawans who could care less whether we have a football team or not and think that it will eventually fail once again.  And I understand that point of view.

However, I remain optimistic.

This is not just about putting together a good football team to please Ottawa’s football fans.  It’s about creating and selling a brand to the citizens of Ottawa.  And what this article tells me is that Jeff Hunt gets this.