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A Month in Review: January 2013

A Month in Review: January 2013


So we’ve survived the first month of 2013, and all the wacky weather mood swings.  February shouldn’t be much better, but we are slowly inching towards summer.  In the meantime, we’ll keeping owning winter in Ottawa and take a look back at the top five articles from January:


5 Business Ideas Perfect for Sparks Street

by: Adam Slight

With the Sparks Street BIA seeking entrepreneurs to bring unique flavour to the area, we thought we’d suggest some ideal business ideas.


An Interview with an Ottawa Paranormal Investigator

Interview of Peter Couturier by Adam Slight

We had the exciting opportunity to sit down and question an Ottawa paranormal investigator about the supernatural, UFOs, and the unexplained.


6 Great Outdoor Rinks in Ottawa

by: Brian Clarke

With the weather reaching extreme lows this month, Ottawa’s many outdoor rinks are now ready for action. Here are 6 great choices.


Ottawa Musician Casey Beaulieu Vows to Release One New Song Every Week

Interview of Casey Beaulieu by Adam Slight

Ottawa musician Casey Beaulieu makes a vow to record one new song every week. We caught Casey in between tracks for an interview.


Ottawa’s Winter Cyclists: Tips for Winter Cycling in Ottawa

by: Adam Slight

We interviewed two Ottawa cyclists who don’t let the cold stop them from biking on a daily basis. Tips for winter cycling in Ottawa.