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What’s With All the Littered Poppies?

What’s With All the Littered Poppies?


By Brian Clarke

Over the past few days, I’ve seen an unusual amount of poppies discarded on the ground.

I don’t necessary have any insight to offer as to why this is happening this year, but it is an unfortunate observation I’ve had, and want to ask our readers if anyone else has seen this and has any opinions as to why it’s happening.

Is it because people don’t respect the poppy as a symbol of war veterans, and simply discard them when they’re no longer required to wear them?

Or do we need to implement better poppy recollection programs after Remembrance Day?

I’m not sure of the answer – what are you opinions on littered poppies? Do you find there is a lot this year, or am I just crazy? If so, why do you think this is happening? Post your opinions in the comments below.