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Interview with Kinki & Mambo Owner, Marisol Simoes

Interview with Kinki & Mambo Owner, Marisol Simoes


Interview with Marisol Simoes, Owner of Kinki and Mambo restaurants

How long have Kinki and Mambo restaurants been in the market?

Kinki is turning 11 and Mambo is going on 6. Kinki is a staple restaurant in Ottawa, those who like Kinki love it. We are a destination within a destination. Kinki has some of the most loyal clientele this city has ever seen. Mambo on the other hand brings forth a new style of living. Mambo’s romance and cosmo appeal has helped bring love, life and dance to many people’s lives in this city. So needless to say, we are proud of being different in the market- but the best different you will ever find.

What would you accredit the loyalty to for both Kinki and Mambo?

The common factor between Kinki and Mambo is the way we infuse entertainment to anyone’s dining experience.  It’s one thing to go out and enjoy a great meal and its another to experience memories somewhere. We are two of those places in the market that always go that extra step to inject some culture into your experience by way of  entertainment.

What makes Kinki and Mambo so memorable?

Well for one, Kinki and Mambo always provide variety all year long. If it isn’t our ever-evolving eclectic menu options, it’s our playful weekly concepts. From Veggie Wednesdays and Diva Thursdays at Kinki , Mystics & Manicures Tuesdays and Danza Latina Thursdays at Mambo, to our extraordinary renowned ‘Oasis Style’ Patios.

Tell us what’s in store for the summer at two of the markets most popular side patios?

Kinki’s side patio is up and running.  After the success of our past years, Kinki is celebrated it’s 11 year anniversary party in June with a ‘All Things Kinki’ theme. We have our signature Deco inspired couches to lounge on and our Private ‘cabana style’ booths, ready and re-vamped along our weekly DJ line up and easy access Patio Bar.

Mambo too is celebrating its 6th anniversary in July with a ‘Carnaval’ theme.  Its rooftop is one of the most romantic destinations in the city. You will fall in love with the city, your date or your server when up there. Our all-in-red adornments and exotic Latin flair make it one of the most desired spots to be at sunset.  Complimented with our live entertainment line-up, our roof parties are the hottest in the market.

With the new side patios ready, what can we expect from your new menus this summer?

Kinki has always had a fusion of inclusive menu choices.  Our sushi has been voted ‘Best in the City’ for a reason the last eleven years. We are constantly becoming innovative and creative with our choices, we don’t just make great sushi, we modernize them.

Mambo’s intriguing new twist on Latin cuisine, is by far one of the most unique in the city. Our new concepts blend together organically for a fiesta of flavors in your mouth. Our signature “Tapas” are still the best compliment to any summer day.

What are the best days to visit Kinki and Mambo’s patios this summer?

 Well everyday would be my immediate answer.

Our new summer line up at Kinki consists of:

Diva Thursdays with DJ Balu.

Bringing you a blend of Retro-Funk-Jazz and House for the ladies.

Unleash Fridays with DJ Dusty

Playing his best urban, dance, and retro beats

Throwback Saturdays with DJ Sean

playing his eclectic but deep rooted alternative vibes

And..At Mambo:

Barrio Thursdays with DJ Wilmer

spinning world beat Euro-Carribean and South America beats

Zona Viva Fridays  with DJ Frederico & Suave Saturdays with DJ Jimador                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     bringing you a new Latin groove sound with some retro classics and top 40 favourites

Sunday Funday with DJ Balu           

Playing the best Funk and Soulful house this city loves.

You can learn more about what Mambo and Kinki have to offer this summer by visiting their websites: |