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How to Get Ottawa Customers to Love Your Brand


By Adam Slight

RBC, one of the largest banks in Canada and  this year’s main sponsor of Blues Fest, wanted to give something back to all of its clients using their Avion credit card at Ottawa’s biggest music festival. Their advertising agency, GMR Marketing, called us up to ask if we could help! We dusted off a couple of spare rickshaws, brought them to the festival, and offered free rickshaw rides to Avion credit card holders.

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The event was a huge success, with countless surprised Avion holders (“Avioners” as they’re affectionately called) smiling and laughing in our rickshaws taking rickshaw rides to and from the gates of the festival.

GMR Marketing even shot this incredible video to document the campaign.

We were surprised when we saw our rickshaws in an RBC video ad seen by anyone in Ottawa using YouTube throughout the month of August!

If you want to engage your customers in new and fun ways like RBC did, drop us a line at