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How to Generate New Business in Ottawa: A Case Study

How to Generate New Business in Ottawa: A Case Study


By Adam Slight

There’s nothing like taking to the street when you want to drum up new customers for your brick and mortar business. The owner of Bodé Spa Medi-Wellness Centre for Men was looking for new clients this summer along with a general boost in awareness with Ottawa consumers, all on a shoe-string budget, and they called on us to help.

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We proposed a bold outdoor campaign targeting street traffic in Ottawa at all of Ottawa’s major events and festivals, advertising at the Ottawa Marathon, Italia Fest, Canada Day, Blues Fest, Hope Volleyball Tournament, Pride Week and during busy weekends downtown on our revolutionary OttBike advertising vehicle (you probably saw it yourself!)

We started by coming up with a catchy campaign creative aimed at provoking male spa-goers. Phrases like “Treat Yourself Like a Man” and “This Summer, Trim the Hedges” paired with images of godly Olympian men put out a funny and memorable message that would hold people’s attention and encourage them to take action.

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The OttBike operator not only spent the summer months displaying these fun ads at high-traffic events but also verbally communicated with consumers who would ask where Bodé Spa is located in the city (17 Marlborough Ave in Sandy Hill!) Bodé Spa was pleased to report new customers walking into the spa who happily reported seeing the add on our OttBikes in the campaign that we designed.

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If you’d like to run a similar innovative outdoor Ottawa advertising campaign for your business, you can contact us at