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How To Attract New Customers in Ottawa

How To Attract New Customers in Ottawa


By Adam Slight


With social media taking such a prominent place in our lives, it is tempting to believe that the best way to drum up sales for your new business (or newly branded business) is from the comfort of your home, through tweets, Facebook updates, and other free forms of advertising.

While these methods work (take it from us!), they usually require a long-term, strategic commitment, and will rarely show you results overnight. If you’re looking for immediate results, you will want to look elsewhere.

The best way to drum up new business is very tried and tested, and has proven effective for thousands of years: literally taking to the street, standing out from the crowd, and letting the world know you’re looking for clients.

On Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, the celebrity chef visits failed restaurants rebranding them for success. When Gordon is ready to reveal the establishment’s new image or menu, he always assembles a team to take to the streets and interact with the public in an effort to bring business through the restaurant’s door.

This tactic should always be present in your arsenal for attracting clients to your business.  

So what are some ways of drumming up clients this way in Ottawa?

Ottawa has some great high-traffic locations that are perfect for interacting with the public and encouraging them to become your client. These areas include the Byward Market (50 000 visitors per weekend in the summer), the intersection of Bank St. and Albert St. (3000 pedestrians per hour), the intersection of Metcalfe St. and Albert St. (2000 pedestrians per hour) and the intersection of Rideau St. and Sussex St. (1500 pedestrians per hour).

You will want to make sure that when you are drumming up business that you distribute engaging and professional print material to ensure that people follow up on your call to action. Not so good with Photoshop? No worries! We offer professional graphic design services at an affordable cost.

If you’re looking to make a greater impact on the public when you hit the streets, consider hiring our OTTBikes as a part of your street team. Their mobility will allow you to cover more ground in Ottawa, and billboards on the OTTBikes will catch pedestrians’ attention, even from afar.

If you own a storefront, you may also want to hire our rickshaws as a part of your campaign. Our rickshaws can literally drive business to your doorstep, by offering free rickshaw rides to your store location.

So there are lots of ways to attract attention to your business in Ottawa, as long as you’re willing to truly put yourself out there. Feel free to contact us for more ideas!