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How to Advertise to Pub-Goers in the Byward Market

How to Advertise to Pub-Goers in the Byward Market


By Adam Slight

Last spring we were approached by Chateau Lafayette (affectionately called “The Laff” by those in the know), Ottawa’s oldest pub, with the challenge that they wished to attract more pub-goers in the Byward Market during night-time pub hours.

Rickshaw Media Group owns some of the only advertising media in the Byward Market.

We designed a simple but effective campaign that exposed evening crowds to a mobile OttBike billboard branded to encourage night crowd attendance at The Laff. The operator of the OttBike wore a Chateau Lafayette uniform, circulated in the Byward Market every Friday and Saturday night between 8pm and 10pm, and conversed with pedestrians who were likely to stop into a bar for the evening.


We heightened the campaign with some added coverage for The Laff in our Ottawa Rickshaws blog, and a one-page ad in our annual summer magazine, The Rickshaw.

If you’d like to advertise in the Byward Market, you can contact us at