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FeBREWary in Ottawa: More Beer Reviews

FeBREWary in Ottawa: More Beer Reviews


By Brian Clarke

If you’ve chosen this week to start reading our blog, you’ll think we’re a bunch of alcoholics.  A wine article, two reviews of the Winterbrewed winter beer festival and surprise, surprise: another beer review!

However, at my weekend trip to Winterbrewed, I learned of Febrewary.

Febrewary is an event coordinated by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, a local Ottawa microbrewery, in which they are releasing a new brew every week during the month of February at several Ottawa restaurant and pubs.   I’m disappointed in took me until the 21st of the month to catch on (I’ve got some catching up to do!).

The new brews are released on Thursdays, so last night I joined some colleagues who have been weekly participants in Febrewary at one of the participating pubs – two six {ate} on Preston St. (which was fantastic by the way, but more on that after).

Two six {ate} is a small, quaint restaurant on Preston with friendly service, great food and of course, local beer.

We could not have showed up at a  better time.  When we arrived, the bar still had last week’s feature brew – The Bogfather Imperial Gruit – hooked up the tap.  We ordered a round and there was just enough for the five pints we ordered.  So, a few minutes later, we got the honour of being the first to try this weeks feature brew – the Mutineer Imperial Pilsner.  Here is what I thought of these two local brews:

The Bogfather Imperial Gruit

Fantastic! Not quite as awesome as the St. Ambroise Maple Ale, but this was an excellent beer.  I’m a huge fan of heavy, thick and malty beers and this one fit the bill perfectly, with malty and very complex flavours. The description on the menu listed a ton of flavours that could be identified, however, the only one I truly noticed was the raisin.  This is one beer that I am certainly considering picking up at the LCBO.

The Bogfather Imperial Gruit

Mutineer Imperial Pilsner

This one got mainly negative reviews around our table, but I did enjoy the Mutineer.  It wasn’t as good as the Bogfather, but to me, it was drinkable.  It was very hoppy, bitter, with a strong pilsner taste. If you like hoppy pilsners, this one is for you.

The Mutineer Imperial Pilsner

The restaurant: two six {ate}

What made this Febrewary experience truly enjoyable was the restaurant we visited – two six {ate}.  This is a tiny, quaint restaurant on Preston Street – one that I’d never heard of before yesterday.  However, it is already on the shortlist of my favourite Ottawa restaurants.  The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about their beers.  The restaurant was comfortable and unique (it has a retro video-game arcade in the restaurant!).

And the food was unbelievable. If you go, get the foie burger. Best burger ever. Ever.

The foie burger, topped with foie torchon, tomato bacon jam and caramelized onions. Unbelievably tasty!

To conclude, I must repeat how disappointed I am that it took me three weeks to get into this Febrewary thing.  It is such a fantastic idea and shows how the Ottawa microbrew and foodie community is growing and making a serious name for itself.  I recommend every fan of beer (and everyone who visited Winterbrewed this weekend) to participate for the last week of Febrewary!