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My Favourite Ottawa Barbershop – What is yours?

My Favourite Ottawa Barbershop – What is yours?


by: Brian Clarke

I started this post as an attempt to write a “Top 5 Barbershops in Ottawa”-style article.

But I quickly came to an important conclusion.  I, like most people with hair, stick with one barber.  In other words, I don’t even know if I could name five barbershops in the city, let alone provide five reviews.

So, it’s turned into my “Top 1 Barbershop in Ottawa” and I ask our readers to help complete this list.

Tell us about your regular haircut place, how you found it and why you like it and don’t go anywhere else.  Perhaps we can develop a good compilation of local barbers, with reviews, together.

I will begin with my barbershop.

I usually go to Ernesto’s on Bank Street near Lansdowne Park.  I first found this place about four years ago as a first year student at Carleton.  Although living in Ottawa my whole life, I had very limited experience with the Glebe, so wanted to explore it as the neighbourhood and business district near campus.

I stopped in to get a haircut, and have never gone anywhere else since.  My hair is not tough to cut – I get it buzzed and maybe the odd beard trim – so I’m not picky about barbers.  That being said, the barbers here are very good, and take their time to make sure everything is done properly.

But what attracted me to this place was the atmosphere that reminded me of an old-1950s movie set.  It’s a small shop, with two Italian barbers, who always seem to tune the TV to the soccer channel.  The place is almost always populated with old men bickering about sports or politics.

And this is why Ernesto’s is my favourite barbershop in Ottawa – the atmosphere that oozes tradition and community.

There’s one good spot for our list – now, what are your favourite barbershops in Ottawa?



Anis Seri on March 26, 2013 AT 02 pm

I go to Phresh Men’s Salon located in the west. The owner is my best friend, but I go there because he’s the best their is. If you go there and you don’t LOVE his cut tell him Anis will pay for this one. lol No seriously I will.

Anis Seri