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Embrace Mortality at Swizzle’s Café in the Byward Market


By Adam Slight

swizzles1I don’t know who Swizzle is, but he knows how to serve a greasy breakfast that you’ll remember. I’m not going to claim that his Murray Street café is the best in the city, but his cheap all-day breakfast will sit in your gut in a way that will make you save on lunch and sleep all afternoon. In this age of free-range this, and organic that, there’s something classic about starting your day with three types of pork fried on the same grill, scrambled eggs, and some Van Houtte  in a styrofoam cup that you have to pour yourself.

Swizzle knows classic, and judging by the two suits discussing a multi-million dollar merger behind me over their bacon and eggs, I’m led to believe I may have discovered the breakfast of champions in the Ottawa–at Swizzle’s.


Is this Swizzle?