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Which Byward Market Patio is Best?

Which Byward Market Patio is Best?


by: Brian Clarke

It seems patio season is here to stay this time (knock on wood).  Apart from the odd thunderstorm here and there, the Ottawa summer sun has been perfect lately for some good old-fashioned sitting on a patio with some apps and a few beverages.  But this leads to my question: who has the best patio in the Byward Market? I guess this depends on what each person thinks makes a good patio. Is it lots of sun? Good ambience? Or something else?

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Here are some pictures of all the major patios in the Market. Which patio do you think is the best? There are obviously many left off the list, so feel free to critique my choices!

Aulde Dubliner









Pub 101

Hard Rock Cafe


The Courtyard









Let us know which you chose and why in the comments below.


Calgary decks on April 22, 2013 AT 05 am

Great, thanks for sharing. It is hard to choose but I like cornerstone.