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7 Nostalgic Apple Orchards Near Ottawa

7 Nostalgic Apple Orchards Near Ottawa


By Adam Slight

Strangely, as much as we all love the summer heat, we all feel a nostalgic sense of happiness when the crisp fall air blows in. The cool, fresh air brings memories of back-to-school, warm drinks, and of course crunchy delicious apples (and all the baked goods that come with them!) Here are 7 apple orchards near Ottawa worth a visit.

Log Cabin Orchard

The original homestead of an Irish farmer who immigrated to Bytown in the 19th Century, Log Cabin Orchard offers daily-picked apples—picked by either staff, or yourself if you’d prefer. There is also a bakery and tea room on-site, that I can only assume will deliver you smack-dab back into your childhood.

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Hall’s Apple Market

Located outside of Brockville, Hall’s Apple Market offers twenty-night types of apple alongside a crisp, locally brewed apple cider. Hall’s makes deliveries into Ottawa, so you may have seen Hall’s apples around town.


Orlean’s Fruit Farm

Open all week, with apple-picking on weekends, Orleans Fruit Farm is a familiar sight for anyone hailing from the east end of the city.

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Cannamore Orchard

Cannamore Orchard is a large family-run farm found just outside of Casselman. Not only do they offer a wide selection of apples, but they also host a variety of family-friendly attractions including mazes, peddle cars, and a museum. Be sure to pick up a fresh pie or some fudge on your way out.

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Mountain Orchards

Established in 1932 with trees directly descended from the MacIntosh tree named by John McIntosh, Mountain Orchards is a family-friendly farm found in Kemptville. There is no admission fee, so you only pay for the apples you pick, or find in the store.

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Pine Hill Orchard

Pine Hill Orchard in Bourget is the outdoors man’s orchard, offering not only apples, grapes and honey, but nature trails, picnic areas, wagon rides, and the opportunity to make your own apple cider using an Amish press. Open until sunset.

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MacLaren Orchards

Located just outside of Renfrew, MacLaren’s is a family farm that has been a local favourite for decades. In 1975, MacLaren’s patented its own strain of apple, called the MacLaren Red. While you’re on the farm, be sure to buy some cider to drink (and some to freeze for later).