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5 Different Places for Breakfast in Ottawa, for 5 Different Reasons

5 Different Places for Breakfast in Ottawa, for 5 Different Reasons


By Adam Slight

Breakfast used to be so simple, and now its gone and made itself all crazy and complicated. I remember waking up to a healthy stack of wheat, and if I was lucky I got a lump of sugar and some milk. If I wasn’t lucky, I ate it dry. Whatever. Now you have so much choice for your morning meal, it’s enough to make your head spin!

If you’re like me, then this list is for you! Here is a list of places to eat breakfast in Ottawa, and the different reasons to go there.

Zak’s Diner

Reason: Late Night Breakfast

This is where you go when you’re craving some greasy bacon at 2am. It is a bit expensive, but that is the price you pay for late-night breakfast. This is especially useful for rickshaw runners who need to gorge on food after work on a weekend. We can be found at Zak’s at about 3:30 am on Canada Day, devouring $50 worth of food after 18 hours of working.

The Meadowlands Pub

Reason: Hangover cure

Located on Meadowlands and Fisher, The Meadowlands Pub is perfect for the morning after (perhaps you were out too late eating pancakes at Zak’s). The breakfast here is incredibly cheap and greasy. You won’t be impressed by the food here, but neither would your mother be impressed with your behaviour last night.

The Wild Oat

Reason: Detox

The Wild Oat can be found in the Glebe, and is your healthy breakfast option. They offer organic, gluten free, sugar free, and wheat free breakfasts, with fair trade coffee and all that other hippie stuff. The Wild Oat also hosts a number of music and art shows, so this is definitely a place to go if you’re tired of the regular breakfast choices.

Stoneface Dolly’s

Reason: Sandwiches!

Stoneface Dolly’s is a great place for brunch, located in the heart of Little Italy. It serves awesome breakfast sandwiches that are definitely worth checking out. If you’re going for brunch, make sure you book a reservation, as it fills up on weekends.

Ada’s Diner

Reason: Bacon

Ada’s Diner is located in Centretown on Bank St. My girlfriend had an apartment above the diner that would fill with the intoxicating aroma of bacon if she left a window open. In fact, she wouldn’t wear any fragrances because of the natural scent of delicious bacon that would linger on her clothes. As a result, I quickly developed an addiction to Ada’s bacon. Sometimes now I’ll be walking down the street and recall the smell of the bacon. I start to sweat and shake, and can’t think straight until I race back and get Ada to fry up half a pound for me.



Laure on March 7, 2012 AT 09 am

Excellent call on Ada’s and The Wild Oat – these places are institutions. I would also like to note that Corner Bar and Grill in the Glebe has the best homefries I have ever had, ever. I also recommend the waffles with fresh strawberries. If you are nursing a hangover, they can cure what ails ya – they start serving beer at 11:30am.

Brian Clarke on March 7, 2012 AT 09 pm

I also really enjoy La Grotta on Preston St. – they’re usually a café/lunch spot but offer all you can eat breakfasts on Sundays. Not a huge selection, but enough to do – and it’s tasty food, usually very quiet and quaint, and all you can eat! Great for big eaters like myself who like to pig out on Sunday brunch and be lazy all day.

And for those across the border in Gatineau – Café Cognac is an excellent little breakfast joint!