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5 Great Bars in Ottawa that Aren’t British or Irish Pubs

5 Great Bars in Ottawa that Aren’t British or Irish Pubs


By Adam Slight

Right when you think Ottawa is at maximum capacity for Irish or British-style pubs, a club shuts down only to be replaced by another Patrick O’Farley’s or something like that.

Well we thought we would show case some of Ottawa’s great non-UK styled pubs.

Pub Italia

Ok, so this one is Italian! What’s the difference? Pub Italia is by far one of the most unique bars in Ottawa. Built inside an old church, it really takes a sort of Gregorian, renaissance-Catholic look, with just enough irony to make for an awesome drinking environment (and I’m not talking about sacramental wine). Their Beer Bible, provided at ever table, chronicles their amazing international selection of beer. Just thinking about it makes me want stop typing and go grab a pint and some pizza.

Pancho Villa Restaurant

Pancho Villa brings a little bit of Mexican flavour to the Ottawa pub scene. Located on Elgin St., Pancho Villa is a great place to grab a plate of nachos and some margaritas, or other Mexican favourites. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious!

Fat Tuesday’s

This colourful New Orleans style bar can’t be missed in the Byward Market. The jester mural, and Marti Gras décor definitely help this place stand out. Fat Tuesday’s zesty appearance only reflects its level of festivity, with live dueling pianos, alligator meat on the menu, and eccentric atmosphere. Fat Tuesday’s is the place to go if you’re tired of the same old, same old.

Brothers Beer Bistro

Also found in the Byward Market, the relatively new Brothers Beer Bistro puts a gourmet spin on things. With the delicious morsels they have on the menu, its easy to forget that this place is all about the beer! Their selection is enough to make Pub Italia question its faith, with a strong showing in Trappist beers and ales (my weakness!) This isn’t necessarily the place to pound pints with your pals, but it’s an awesome stop if you’re looking to indulge in quality with some friends.

Wellington Gastropub

The Wellington Gastropub, found on Wellington Street West, is a tiny establishment with a huge appreciation for the senses. As the name suggests, The Wellington Gastropub has a menu fit for a foodie (no, Gastropubs aren’t pubs from Gastrobia) and they have an extensive selection of craft beers fit for an adventurous person who is very thirsty. While your taste buds are clearly taken care of at this establishment, it’s their pandering to the aural senses that make them a bit different. The Wellington Record Club, which works like a traditional book club only for vinyl records, is held within the Wellington Gastropub where members may enjoy food and drink while listening to a featured record. Rules include: “No conversation,” “No cell phones,” and “Enjoy the music,” making this a cool public listening experience for audiophiles and record junkies alike.

What other great non-UK pubs can you find in Ottawa?