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5 Bachelorette Party Ideas that Don’t Involve Giant Inflatable Penises

5 Bachelorette Party Ideas that Don’t Involve Giant Inflatable Penises


By Adam Slight

Giving rickshaw tours of downtown Ottawa and the Byward Market, we have seen many, many, many, bachelorette parties. And they’ve all become one giant blur.

It seems like the bachelorette party— the party meant to celebrate a woman’s impending marriage, or to act as a last hurrah for fraternal irresponsibility— has boiled down to one fundamental ingredient: The inflatable penis.

The inflatable phallus has become a banner for typical bachelorettes to rally behind—a sigil of un-creativity and tired imagery meant to shock on-lookers. We think the trope of the inflatable penis is as flaccid and limp as a—well you get the idea.

Want to have a bachelorette party that people will remember without resorting to the typical blow-up Steves and boner hats? Here are some suggestions:

1. Organize a Team Game:

The best bachelorette parties we’ve seen involve a game that requires participants to interact with members of the public. This can be a scavenger hunt or some kind of petition that puts players in compromising and embarrassing positions. To add some flare to the game, teams are given a theme and dress up accordingly (avoid “penis” as a theme and you’re set!).

2. Get a Rickshaw Ride!

Rickshaw rides have proven to be a popular mode of transportation for bachelorettes. We can transport large groups of people to and from bars, we’re high energy, and blast music (which draws a lot of attention!) What’s even better, we can do rickshaw scavenger hunts, which are perfect for generating an exciting and memorable group experience.

3. Go Camping:

Camping and partying are like a match made in heaven (as long as you make sure you’re camping in complete seclusion, or else your neighbours might not appreciate the ruckus). Having a bachelorette party in the woods combines the fun activities involved with camping (swimming, cooking on a fire, sleeping outdoors, hiking), with the rambunctious qualities of a party (I don’t need to list those off). Anything goes when the world’s scrutinizing eyes can’t find you when you’re off the grid like that.

4. A Day at the Spa:

Lots of different bachelorette party experts recommend a day at the spa as a good way for you and your friends to relax (perhaps as an alternative to wild binge drinking and pixie-stick-fueled madness). Everyone dreams of treating themselves to a day at the spa, and this occasion is as good as any to do just that! Get the premium package and enjoy yourself!

5. Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do:

Do you have a bucket list that you’ve been neglecting? Or a crazy idea that you’ve always been waiting for an excuse to pull off? Maybe your bachelorette party is your chance to play that game of go kart mini putt that you’ve always dreamed of, or a chance to go skydiving. While it’s a misconception that this is your “last” real chance to have fun (what does that mean anyways?), you might as well take this milestone as an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

The options are really endless. The point is, your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be just another drunken night on the town (decorated with dinks). There are lots of imaginative activities you can do to make it a fun and memorable celebration.