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3 Places to Enjoy a Dram of Scotch in Ottawa

3 Places to Enjoy a Dram of Scotch in Ottawa


By Brian Clarke

I’ve recently taking a good liking to scotch.  I don’t know if it’s my taste buds becoming more sophisticated as I get older or an unconscious desire to appear classy or masculine (probably the latter!), but nevertheless, it has led me to search out a few local spots that specialize in scotch and provide scotch tastings.

Here are four places I have found that offer a good selection of scotch:

Highlander Pub

Located just outside the Byward Market, and across the street from the Rideau Center, the Highlander is probably Ottawa’s most convenient, well-known and popular scotch bar.  As the name suggests, it is a pub specializing in Scottish food and drink – which unquestionably must include some scotch.

In fact, I have registered for a scotch tasting at the Highlander in early December (any other Carleton alumni who read this blog, I encourage you to come so we can meet!).  I will certainly share my (amateur) experiences via another blog post shortly afterwards.

The Manx

This cozy little pub on Elgin Street has the perfect atmosphere for drinking a glass of scotch. If I had to describe the atmosphere, I’d say it’s ‘relaxed’ and ‘musky’ – two words that go great with scotch! They have a good drink menu, that also includes many other types of whiskeys.

Black Bear Pub

This is another Scottish themed pub, located in the Albert and Bay Suite hotel.  So, if you’re a scotch drinker visiting Ottawa. you now what hotel to stay at! They boast a menu of nearly 50 types of scotches, which are the perfect complement to a relaxing vacation.

What are some other options for a good dram of scotch in Ottawa?