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3 Hot Drinks to Try This Winter in Ottawa

3 Hot Drinks to Try This Winter in Ottawa

By Brian Clarke

Last week, we shared some hot alcoholic beverages to warm your soul this winter.  As most Canadians know, hot drinks are key in surviving a long, cold winter.  But maybe you’re not exactly a party animal and try to avoid alcoholic drinks – what are some good options for non-alcoholic hot drinks?

Well, there’s the good ol’ coffee, obviously.  Check out my previous article on great local cafés if all you want is coffee.  But, the market is very saturated with coffee shops and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you where to buy a plain old hot cup of joe this winter.

So with plain coffee off the list, here is a list of three hot drinks you should try this winter in Ottawa, starting with my favourite speciality coffee:

Café Crème Brulée at Roast’N’Brew

I could drink these things all day.  If that wouldn’t seriously damage my sleep, health and wallet, I probably would!  I wrote about my first experience trying one a while back (Don’t Be Closed-Minded: A Local Café Story), and have since become addicted.  If you’re out for dinner in the Glebe, these make the best dessert coffees ever.  And of course, after a long day of skating on the Canal, these would be a perfect winter evening brew to sip while reading by a fire.

Apple Cider at Farm Boy

I recently found out that this is just a seasonal item at Farm Boy grocery stores, and cider is now replaced by eggnog on the shelves.  Hopefully some Farm Boy VIP reads this and brings the apple cider back for winter, because this stuff is just fantastic! For me, this cider has replaced coffee first thing in the morning – I’ve gotten quite accustomed over the past month to heating up a mug full of cider to warm my hands, face, and soul after the morning dog walk.

Alas, I doubt Farm Boy will be so easily swayed by this article, so if you didn’t stock up on their cider, a great alternative is Chez Edgar. Although I’ve never personally tried it, I hear their cider is also fantastic.

Hot Chocolate at Truffle Treasures

Hot chocolate is obviously a given for warming up in the winter months.  For me, and probably many of you, hot chocolate brings back great childhood memories as the perfect post-playing-in-the-snow drink.

Truffle Treasures in Westboro is one of Ottawa’s premiere local chocolatiers, making hand-made delicious chocolate.  And with hand-made chocolate, comes great hot chocolate.  You get to pick a chocolate and watch it be transformed in front of your eyes into a warm satisfying mug of goodness.

What is your favourite hot drink to warm up to in the winter months? Where is the best place in Ottawa to buy this drink? Share your thoughts in the comments below.