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2013 Guide to Nuit Blanche Outdoor Exhibits in the Byward Market

2013 Guide to Nuit Blanche Outdoor Exhibits in the Byward Market


By Adam Slight

The theme for this year’s Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau is “Supernova,” which explains the explosion of great exhibits we can expect to see this Saturday night across the city. While there is plenty of art to experience across Ottawa/Gatineau, we’re only going to go through the outdoor exhibits Byward Market Zone. Tomorrow, we’ll cover the Downtown Rideau Zone!

Why, do you ask? Well this Saturday, from 7pm until Midnight, we will be providing free rickshaw tours of the Byward Market and Rideau Zones, allowing you to experience the many outdoor exhibits being presented this weekend from the seat of a rickshaw. Look for us where William and George intersect in the Byward Market!

Byward Market Zone

“Plain Chant” Presented by the NCC and Embassy of France


Nepean Point

This sound and light installation, presented by the NCC and created by various artists from France, celebrates Samuel de Champlain. Sound and light react with audience voices.

“Nightlight” by Alejandra Vera


William St.

Alejandra Vera is an Ecuadorian visual artist who moved to Canada in 2005. “Nightlight” is a large scale desk lamp that illuminates with the help of a camera flash.

“Shockwave” by Apartment 613


60 George St.

Apt613 photographers will be roaming NBOG, taking photos of the night’s happenings and projecting the images live at 60 George St.

“SUPER NOVA” by Christopher Griffin

[youtube height=”450″ width=”500″][/youtube]

Inspired by the title of this year’s NBOG, artist Christopher Griffin harkens back to his youth when he was convinced to purchase a Chevy Nova by his friends. “Super Nova” will be a sort of car show for Chevy Nova’s, including his original Chevy Nova to which participants will be encouraged to apply clumps of moulding clay.

“Transformation,” Davidson Vs. Haile


Artists Beniam Haile and Adam Fraser Davidson will go head-to-head, each interacting with each other by painting on the same canvas all night. This exhibit promises to be colourful and full of energy.

“Skotoma” by Denis Mateo


William St.

Denis Mateo’s outdoor piece incorporates a candle and music labyrinth installation discussing homophobic campaigns led by the Canadian government in the 1950s and 1990s.

“Glass Songbird” by Flo Glassblowing


George at Sussex

“Glass Songbird” features bird-like glass ornaments suspended from the boughs of a tree. Music plays from the branches, encouraging participants to scribe and post lyrical content, collectively writing a song.

“Judy’s Revenge” by Devyn Stackhouse and Courtney Constable


William Street

Described as “a transgressive romp towards gender justice,” “Judy’s Revenge” is a video installation that pushes the boundaries of gender binaries.

“Moonlight Music” by Kim Gravelle


George St.

Participants are invited to sit or lie in a forest-themed tent while a forest creature plays bells, gongs, and a bass flute. (NOTE: Hopefully this forest creature is of the mythical, fictional sort, and not something captured from Gatineau Park.)

“Nocturne” by Mercimerci


62 William St.

Gatineau-Based street orchestra Mercimerci treats viewers to a street-level music and light installation/performance.

“Neon Forestation” by the O-Town Bombers


George St. Behind Freiman Mall

The O-Town Bombers will be covering 18 trees in the market with Neon crochet. You won’t be able to miss it!

“Plein Air” by Ryan Meeton


64 William St. 

Artist Ryan Smeeton will be live-painting on a temporary free-standing wall.

“C’pas du sirop d’poteau!” by Sasha Phipps et Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe


This fun exhibit will look at the folklore of the lumberjack, including lumberjack games, maple taffy, an accordion and more.

“Untitled ISMS” by Tafui Mclean


Viewers are invited to interact with 100 custom printed black balloons and complete the phrase “I would end ____ISM by ____” on twitter using hashtag #endism. Each “ism” represents a problem in the world that participants wish to resolve.

“Visions of Exuberant Excess” by Tavi Weisz

Clarendon Lane

Artist Tavi Weisz will continue his 2012 Nuit Blanche exhibit by interacting with viewers and participants through projected images, sound, and movement.

“The Food Truck Set” Presented by The Meeple’s Republic


Clarendon Lane

This projector-based installation is a tribute to the foodies, chefs, bloggers, and twitter followers who helped bring street food to Ottawa this past summer.

“Glowing You Balloons” by Tyler Reekie


Edmonton-born Tyler Reekie celebrates Ottawa with two weather balloons hovering over the Byward Market featuring projected images of Ottawans.