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10 Things To Love About Fall in Ottawa

10 Things To Love About Fall in Ottawa


By Adam Slight

The tides of time once again bring summer to a close, filling the air with the exciting buzz of autumn. What is it about dying leaves and colder temperatures that make us so happy when fall blows in? Well, we took to Twitter to ask Ottawa what they loved about Fall in the capital, and this is what came back to us!

1. Farmer’s Markets

farmers market

This is the season of the farmer’s market–when the Byward Market and other seasonal markets like the Ottawa Farmer’s Market, and Parkdale Market are brimming with activity and fall-specific produce. Make sure to take advantage of the season and hit up your closest marketplace for fresh, local, seasonal goods!

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“The endless bounty of beautiful produce from @OttawaFarmMkt, of course! #Ottawa#local#food

— Turnip & Bean (@TurnipandBean)

“The open air Farmers Market’s! The #fall harvest fills locations at the ByWard & Parkdale Market’s #Ottawa

— Victoria Park (@bwvictoriapark)

“Abundance of everything @OttawaFarmMkt!”

— Stone Soup Foodworks (@StoneSoupTruck)


2. Fall Weather


Step outside and take a deep breath of the cool fall Ottawa air breezing off the Ottawa river. Or, take a walk through Gatineau Park, or a jog along the Rideau Canal and Dow’s Lake. The cool fall weather has the strange ability to fill you with nostalgia for every past autumn you’ve experienced, and oddly make you appreciate cooler temperatures.

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“Crisp Fall is in the air today!”

— Metropolitain (@MetroBrasserie_)


3. Autumn Events


If the tweets below are any indication, Ottawans are most excited about the city’s events this fall, most specifically Oktoberfest celebrations which will be held in various locations over the next month. Others include Fall Rhapsody in Gatineau Park, Taste Ontario, the Ottawa Wine and Food Show, and the first ever Ottawa Beer Run! You have no excuse to be bored this fall in Ottawa!

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“Taste Ontario! #wine event in October in #Ottawa… one of my favourite things about fall.”

— Holly Bruns (@WineOutLoud)

“Fall Rhapsody in Gatineau Park is a great time to see the vibrant fall colours #Ottawa

— Albert at Bay (@albertatbay)

“Wine and food show! And Walking along the canal”

— The Lord Elgin Hotel (@LordElginHotel)

“Other than our Halloween tours? Not quite in town but a Fall must: Octoberfest in Vankleek Hill with @beausallnatural!”

— The Haunted Walk (@hauntedwalk)

“The fairs and festivals.”

— Ottawa Family Living (@OttawaFamily)

“Also looking forward to the first Ottawa Beer Run @THEBEERRUN2013

— Gabriel Pizza (@GabrielPizza)

“Glad you asked!: local fairs like @MetcalfeFair and @carpfair and Vankleek Hill Oktoberfest to name a few. #Ottawa.”

— LUNCH (@LUNCHottawa)

“Oktoberfest ist wunderbar! #BeausOktoberfest

— Beau’s Brewery (@beausallnatural)

“Magic #LiveAtTheMuseum ”

— Av & Space Museum (@avspacemuseum)


4. Ottawa’s Natural Fall Beauty

gatineau park

Ottawa’s fundamental link to Ontario’s natural beauty comes into sharp focus in the fall, when the colourful leaves on trees remind us just how much the city is enveloped in the natural world. Find a vantage point like Nepean Point, the Gatineau Hills, or even Dunton Tower at Carleton University to gain a clear perspective of Ottawa’s relationship with nature.

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“The fall leaves are pretty nice but you gotta love that Thanksgiving dinner. #fall#turkey#STUFFING!”

— Ryan Bradley (@rwB_Rad)

“Running along the river”

— Tania Fréchette (@TaniaFrechette)

“Gatineau Park with my boy!”

— Jake Naylor (@jake_naylor)

“Fall colours in #gatineaupark. Love the trees changing colours.”

— OttawaStreatGourmet (@StreatOttawa)

“Seeing #RoxyPaine‘s 100 Foot Line sculpture always be the first tree without any leaves!

— Ntl Gallery Canada (@gallerydotca)

“Hikes in gatineau park, harvest noire, live music everywhere”

— Harley Finkelstein (@hfizzle)

“Apple picking…@saundersfarm…I also want to try @CampFortune‘s chairlift rides to see the fall colours. #Ottawa #Fall

— Ottawa Marriott (@OttawaMarriott)

“I’ll name a few! @OktoberfestOTT, @beausallnatural #Oktoberfest, hiking through fall colours, pumpkin/squash picking”

— Where Ottawa (@whereottawa)

“The #ByWardMarket and all it’s beauty.”

— The Grand Pizzeria (@TheGrand_ON)


— Lesley Silva (@HomeLifeDragon)

“The colours! Not #ottawa specific per se, but we do have some great parks around the city.”

— Lindsay McPhee (@LindsayMMcPhee)


5. Fall Food


The coming of fall also marks a shift in seasonal eating traditions, with rich and savoury foods replacing the summer’s light and sweet fare. Find a warm and cozy corner of the city and chow down on stews, root vegetables, spices, and heavy beer, as well as the following tweeted bounties.

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“Bisques, stews and chowders.”

— Soup Ottawa (@SoupOttawa)

“Amazing root veggies, squashes being harvested and finding the perfect pumpkin”

— Angry Dragonz (@Angrydragonz)

“Pints at the Manx!”

— Alexandre Laquerre (@alexlaq)

“Seafood Chowder – stay tuned!!”

— Ad Mare (@Ad_Mare)

“Air as crisp as sweet potato fries! #Ottawa

— Red Roaster (@RedRoasterTruck)

“…the fall bounty in Ottawa is probably the reason I love Thanksgiving so much!”

— foodiePrints (@foodiePrints)

“We love new flavors and colors: leaves changing, @ByWardMarketBIA produce changes #GOURDS; new beers and foods everywhere!”

— Chateau Lafayette (@TheLaffOttawa)

Apples!!!! crisp, pie, cake, loaf, ice cream … I heart apples and cinnamon and all the goodness that comes from eating

— Lynne Frappier (@latwistedchef)

“Fall and smoked meat make a dangerous combination.”

— Fatboys Ottawa (@FatboysOttawa)

“Pumpkin spice latte #Ottawa

— Omar Elamam (@OmarElamam)


6. Back to School

back to school

Whether you’re an eager student, or eager to dump your students, back to school can be a rush for many. While everyone loves summer, many also love the chance to take another stab at a semester, reunite with friends, and further evolve their unique take on the world. Ottawa’s educational institutions, including Carleton University, University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, are constantly growing and developing in order to welcome new students through their doors.

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“The kids returning to school. Does that count? #Ottawa

— Bonita’s Cantina (@BonitasCantina)

“Back-to-school, of course! Great meeting new #ACStudents, and watching some become @ACGrads at Fall #ACConvocation.”

— Algonquin College (@AlgonquinColleg)


7. Fall Fashion


The summer clothes that we found so exciting to wear in May are now likely sagging off our bodies, so its just about time to look into a new, warmer wardrobe. With Ottawa Fashion Week having just passed, Ottawa fashionistas revel in the opportunity to hit up the city’s boutiques and newest chain stores for the opportunity to discover some flare for the fall season.

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“Fall shopping! Coats, boots, layers!”

— Laura Kidd (@lauraakidd)

“The tights optional weather. Never a fashion faux-pas with these turbulent times! Also, inversion over Parliament. Spooky”

— Ottawa Magazine (@ottawamag)

“The colours in the leaves Or Rainbow leg warmers!”

— Capital Pride (@CapPride)

“Gatineau park, hot drinks and sweaters”

— Marnie (@gliterfaery)


8. Sens Season


If all goes as planned, we may actually have an intact hockey season on our hands this year. Ottawa hockey fans should be excited this year, as the Sens almost always give Ottawa reason to be proud of its team. With a new, Alfie-devoid roster, it will be an interesting year to follow the home team’s road to the Stanley Cup.

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“Hockey season starts! #GoSensGo!”

— Vincent (@RinkAttendant6)

“It’s gotta be hockey season for us October 4th Gabe’s Game Night Deals kick off. This year its a big one!!”

— Gabriel Pizza (@GabrielPizza)


 9. The Holiday Spirit


Sure! Fall brings us one season closer to Christmas! There’s something to be excited about!

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“It is the beginning of the holiday season – people’s generousity comes out to shine.”

— Ottawa Food Bank (@OttawaFoodBank)


10. Rickshaw Rides?!


Okay, we’re biased! But that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a brisk rickshaw tour of Ottawa in the fall! We spent last weekend providing tours of Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau, and would be happy to continue showcasing Ottawa during its arguably most beautiful season. Check out our tours or book one yourself here.

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“What about rickshaw rides, for one!”

— CHEO Hospital Ottawa (@CHEOhospital)